3 Differences of Cartier Love Bracelet New Screw & Old Screw System

The Cartier Love collection has been an iconic design since its creation in 1969. Its creator, Aldo Cipullo, also designed another timeless collection – Juste Un Clou.

“It captured the spirit of the time when sexual liberation and casual luxury were coming to the fore,” says Vivienne Becker, author of book, Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern.

The designer, Aldo Cipullo, and the advertisement for Cartier Love bracelet

The designer, Aldo Cipullo, and the advertisement for Cartier Love bracelet

But if the wearer isn’t careful, the unique original design clasp system, the screws could be lost while taking it on and off.

For that reason, in 2011 Cartier released a new version of the screw system to minimize chances of losing a screw. Instead of the screws coming out completely when you put the bracelet on, they made the screw remain attached to the bracelet.

There are 3 easy ways to identify the new or old screw systems.

Difference 1:Bracelet Screw Front

showing the difference between new and old screw systems on Cartier love bracelets

  • New screw system: the edge of the screws touch the seam/joints of the bracelet
  • Old screw system: the edge of the screws doesn’t touch the seam/joints of the bracelet, it has a bit distance between the screw and joint

Difference 2: Bracelet Screw Back

  • New screw system: screw looks like pig’s nose
  • Old screw system: old screw looks like a bullseye
  • New screw system:  inside of the bracelet, the closure has a “U” shape which surrounds the screw on three sides

Difference 3: Bracelet Screws

showing how the screws in the old screw system can be completely removed

  • Old  System: Screws come out completely
  • New System: Screws don’t come out, screws cannot be removed


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