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Our Values

Authenticity is Everything

Authentication of our pieces is essential and come first in all we do. Every item, before we list it in our online shop, has been carefully inspected and curated by our experienced specialists.

Every piece has to pass our rigorous brand authentication process including dimensions, materials, serial numbers, history, provenance, marks, detail setting, signatures etc.

We have also built up a good relationship with few top brand after sale departments which help us to find out the identity, serial number and all the relevant information of each piece we buy. 

All of these extremely strict quality and authenticity inspection processes give us the utmost confidence in our collection and service.

Professional and Friendly

Pushy selling is never us. Establishing a long term pleasant relationships is far more important to us than a quick sale. To achieve this we are always sharing our genuine advice and professional knowledge to clients.  We want our clients to enjoy every single moment when they come to us. We are very happy to find lots of clients actually become our friends. 

Making Luxury Sustainable

We believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist.  We are aiming to transform and extend the life of luxury pieces for a more sustainable future.

We help our clients to find the dream luxury items with reasonable prices and giving unused luxury goods a new life.  

We educate people to invest in timeless luxury pieces because we believe sustainable Luxury is the future. Every time you choose to buy pre-owned luxury pieces, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. 

High Quality

We are very glad and proud of working with some of the world’s finest and most desirable pieces. Our experienced experts are constantly adding carefully inspected pieces and curating the collection. 

No matter you’re treating yourself to something special, buying a gift for your loved one or selecting a good investment piece, our team is always here to provide our customers with an unparalleled selection, honest and professional advice, superior service and exceptional value.

Peace of Mind

The core of our business is all about trust and relationships. We are confident in our collection and service, in the meantime we are always putting client experience above all. 

In case our customers are not 100% happy with the purchase, we will not hesitate to offer them a 7 day hassle-free refund guarantee. Please see our full return policy.

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